The first steps are always the hardest (i hope!)

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So today i decided it was time to start training properly for the big climb. Now i have to admit, i had tried to do this a few weeks ago, but after my boxercise personal training session, which left me hating life a little, and the spinning class of dooooommm, i gave it a break for a little while. So today, i decided, it was finally time to take my first steps.

I started with a walk into town. Off I went down glanrafon  hill (or bitch hill as it is more commonly known) got myself an apple and rasberry juice, a subway(healthy eating starts tomorrow!!) and started to make my way back up the hill. Halfway up, (ok, a third of the way up) i got a bit bored, so decided to call my mum. Having a little natter to her made it all that more bearable and so i increased my pace. I have to admit, it was partly to do with not wanting my lovely toasted subway to go cold in my bag!

Anyway, people always say that walking is a perfect opportunity to be alone in your thoughts, and to have a good think. To be honest, i dont have that many deep thoughts to think about and i prefer to talk, so this is something that i struggle with. What i did conclude, once i had reached the top of the hill, was that actually i dont walk often enough, and if im being completely honest, I’m not that much of a fan of it!

This does pose a slight problem…

Anyways, tomorrow is another day and I am going to go for a run. I’m not sure how i feel about this right now, but im sure it will be fine. I’ll run towards Mcdonalds, so worse case, I have somewhere to sit and wait for steve to come and pick me up!


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