African Adventure: Day 2

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When we had arrived in Kenya on the first day, it was past midnight, so we were given some food and shown to our rooms pretty much straight away. I thought I had fallen lucky as I was offered a room to myself – little did I know this ‘room’ was actually a wooden hut outside the actual hotel. Now, it was pitch black, I had been in Kenya for about an hour, we had been travelling for an entire day and it had been far from plain sailing. The last thing I wanted to do was sleep in a hut, by myself, away from everyone else with no toilets or running water. I wanted to cry. I didn’t though, I took swift action, informed the guy who had shown me to my room that I didn’t want to stay there, and told myself I will bunk in with someone else and it’ll all be ok when I wake up in the morning. One mattress move later, I was on the floor, tightly wrapped in my sleeping bag, covered from head to toe in insect repellent and ready to drift into the land of nod. The morning was going to make everything better. I HOPED!!

Waking up in Kenya the next morning felt great, for a whole load of 2 minutes, until I remembered that it was another entire day of travelling to get to Tanzania! 2 seconds in the freezing shower I realised I could wait until later to wash, so I quickly got dressed and made my way down to breakfast. Thank god there was tea.

Travelling to Tanzania wasn’t so bad in the end, the views were quite nice and we even got to see some zebra’s in the distance. Getting off and on the bus at the border was a bit of a hassle and every man and his dog was there wanting to sell you something and even tried the old ‘put it on your arm/in your hand so you can’t refuse’ trick! Thankfully I didn’t succumb to the peer pressure and managed to gain entry into the country pretty much hassle free, which considering the previous days problems, was no mean feat!

As we got closer to Moshi – the town in Tanzania we were staying in, Kili started to appear in our sights. My god, it was huge!! You could see it for miles and it just kept on going higher and higher and bigger and bigger the closer we got.

Now, I had done my research, I knew it was about 5.5 times bigger than Snowdon  and a million times bigger than the hills I was use to walking up in Bangor – but nothing could have prepared me for this. I went pretty quiet for a while after that, until I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Don’t worry Danielle, we’ll conquer this together.”  “Yeah, yeah we will.” I replied, as positively as I could! In all honesty though, what I was actually thinking was “WILL WE???”


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