The one with the quarter-of-a-century life crisis

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So, I think I am having a quarter-of-a-century life crisis.

The other day Steve went through the drive-thru at McDonald’s and I didn’t order (or eat) anything. Instead, I un-wrapped his sweet-chili-chicken deli sandwich for him and held the bag tightly shut around his greasy chips to keep them warm until we got back. Then I ate my super-healthy lunch.

That same day in work, whilst my colleagues ate Kit-Kats and other scrummy chocolate snacks, I drank my diet coke and contemplated a banana.


Where has this new found will power come from I hear you ask. I have no bloody idea. It must be my nearly reaching a quarter-of-a century life crisis. This is the only explanation.

I start healthy eating every single week. Sometimes more than once a week (especially if it’s been a particularly stressful week, or we have something to celebrate) I mean, who can blame a girl for giving in to the super-tempting and yummy draw of a Chinese, or an Indian, or a piece of cake*, Domino’s pizza, or chips and fish – we do live by the sea after all. It would be rude not to. Right?

.. *it’s more a slab of cake as opposed to piece, sometimes its even half a cake, sometimes, if it’s been a particularly awful day, it’s a whole cake. But I’m a lady, so we’ll stick with piece and tell no one.

Anyway, I was so impressed with my healthy eating mantra that I began to genuinely think there was something wrong with me. Maybe if I do something spectacular with my life, maybe go and find myself (somewhere exotic of course) then, maybe, just maybe, I can get out of my quarter-of-a-century life crisis without too much trouble. So I began researching around the world adventures and was armed with a plan to discuss further with my other half that night.

The more I thought about it though, the more I decided that maybe around the world travel wasn’t for me. I mean, yeah I’ve climbed Kili – but that was only 5 weeks ago and I’m not sure I’m in that much of a rush to get back to living out of a backpack for a while. Also, I have experienced my first festival this year and got married. So maybe, what I really needed was to spend some quality time chilling at home. Problem solved. Panic over. Quarter-of-a-century life crisis OVER.

So, I did what any girl would do when she has something to celebrate – went out for an Indian!


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