The one with H-Twenty

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This happened quite a while ago now, but I thought that I would share it, as if I’m being honest, although it was extremely frustrating at the time, it is actually really funny. And, well, if I’m being completely honest, the story of my life.

So, it all began the day I got my new washing machine delivered. Having not had one in the house for months, I was extremely excited to get it up and running. (Sad I know, but it’s the small things…)

Anyways, I plugged it all in, attached all the appropriate pipes, made sure there were no potential opportunities for a leak, and set the machine to go on a quick wash, with no laundry in for the first time, as per the instructions (which I had read in great detail might I add!)

I went back into the living room to chill out for an hour whilst it was on its first wash, but after about 20 minutes of deadly silence coming from the kitchen I went back in to investigate. The machine’s display was flashing red, with the words H and 20.

H-twenty, what the hell does that mean?

I read through the instructions again, that was not one of the display options and wasn’t covered in the trouble shooting section. So I googled it; the make, the model and ‘H-twenty’. Nothing. Puzzled, I turned the machine on and off, read the instructions again, text Steve and still couldn’t figure it out.

So I did the only thing I could think of, I rang my mum.

After a 30 minute conversation about her washing machine, my washing machine and jean* from down the road, I admitted defeat and decided I would just have to wait until Steve came home and he can look at it.

Later that day, my mum rang me back and asked if id managed to get it working. Nope, still nothing. I was ready to throw it out the window. No one on twitter had replied, no one on Facebook seemed to know what it meant. It must be faulty.

“Danielle, are you sure the water is turned on” she asked.

“Yes of course I am, I attached it straight away to the pipe and I’ve checked. I’m not stupid you know!”

“Ooh I dunno then, you’ll have to wait for Steve.”

And that is exactly what I did.

Now, I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but as soon as Steve walked through the door it dawned on me… it didn’t say H-twenty, it said H-2-0

It turns out; I’d attached the pipe to the water supply, but hadn’t turned it on after all. H-twenty wasn’t an error code; it was the chemical formula for water!

In my defence, it obviously is a very advanced technological washing machine and as I have said before – I have a degree in English Literature, not common sense!

*jean’s name has been changed to protect her identity!


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