The one with the grown ups

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Now, it is fair to say that I have been known to be a little dramatic and I do tend to let me imagination run wild at times. When I was a student, I could get away with saying that it’s a curse of studying English lit with creative writing – but now, I am no longer a student and I’m getting a little bit older – I feel like I need to be less dramatic and more, well y’know, grown up. Problem with this is its soooo boring.

These last few weeks I have been a ‘proper’ grown up – I’ve been to ladies day, and been a lady, I’ve been to a wedding and sat on the ‘couples table’. I’ve even been eating in almost every night with Steve and actually spent some time sorting my finances out. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!!

Gone seems to be the girl who crashes the jetski straight into the beach ‘coz shes going too fast; gone is the girl who walked up the stairs sideways so that she couldn’t get shot in the back through the letter box like Phil Mitchell did that time in Eastenders. (It could happen, you know. And for a 13 year old with a highly active imagination, that was scary stuff, let me tell you!) Gone is the girl who adds baked beans to chili (which in reality taste more like spag bol) and gone is the girl who spends more time in restaurants than in the house, because let’s face it, it’s much more interesting being out than in, and you don’t have to cook or do the dishes.

So what is with the sudden change? Well to be honest, I don’t really know. Both myself and Steve still had lots of fun but it was a different kind of fun! Maybe this is what happens when you get married? You have grown up fun and do grown up things – next thing you know, I’ll be going to dinner parties and candle-light suppers – I might even host my own and be a real life Hyacinth Bucket.

With all this in mind, it is no surprise that myself and Steve were going to do something drastic sometime soon! Well, it has happened… We have decided to totally redesign the garden and have it all singing and dancing with gazebos galore – ‘coz y’know this is totally what you need to do when you don’t spend that much time at home and your garden is already over-run with ducks and a home-made pond for a 27 year old terrapin that is eating us out of house and home. Throw in Darwin the tortoise that we recently acquired and you can see how I felt out of sorts when doing ordinary grown up things – that to most, probably weren’t boring at all, in fact – it was actually quite sociable.

Anyways, for the last week I have had no choice but to be a grown up and spend my time (and money – sob!) organising and commissioning gardeners, sorting out deliveries of gazebo’s, installation dates and electricians to get some power outside our house.

Having now embraced this grown up malarkey for a few weeks – I can safely say that actually, it’s not so bad, and I am quite looking forward to my candle-lit Halloween themed supper once all the garden work is finished! ‘The buc-kay residence, lady of the house speaking’ hmm it doesn’t have that bad of ring to it, after all!


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