The one without any diet coke

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Keeping in line with my new year’s resolutions, I thought I would update you all on how things are going on the resolution front. If I’m being completely honest, it is a little bit of a mixed bag.

Well, that was me being honest, when I started to write this blog post 2 weeks ago. (NYR no 7 – Blog once a week.) As you can see, my last post was New Year’s Day, and we’re now on the 21st – so yeah, this whole resolution thing is going really well for me!

Maybe I should start by posting what I’d wrote so far, on the 13th Jan – and ill update you on the actual progress to date along the way!


Resolution 1: a photo a day – I started strong, I even began posting them to Facebook so that would encourage me to carry one. I got to day 7 pretty easily. Then day 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 happened so fast that I blinked and missed them. So, it’s now a photo a day, minus a week-ish. Note to self: Must do better.

Resolution 2: gym at least twice a week. Well, this couldn’t start until I was back from New York – so I haven’t technically broke this one yet, but I have already lost 2 out of the 7 days by not going at the weekend and having a disaster of a start to my Monday morning drive to work.

To be fair to me, I’d packed my bag the night before and had it ready and waiting for me to leave with it on Monday morning. When I opened the door, I realised that my car was missing from outside the house. I looked outside the garage but couldn’t see if, so thought that my beloved husband had decided to hide it on me as a joke. 20 minutes of searching the estate later, I remembered that I’d left it in the town centre yesterday as we decided to go shopping in the same car. I’d totally forgot on the way home, didn’t pick it up (obvs) hence why it wasn’t on the drive as expected. Cue the one mile long walk to the town centre to get car before I could drive the 20 minutes to work. Drama, drama eh. I’d actually been organised and prepared lunch so I had my bag, a bag with food and water in (1.5 litres to get me off to a good start!) and a file full of work I’d taken home to carry, so there was no way I could fit the gym bag on my person as well. So, there you have it, a totally justified reason as to why I haven’t yet been able to go the gym. There’s still 5 days left of the week though so all is not lost…YET.

Resolution 3: Read 2 books (at least) a month – Now this one I thought would be pretty easy, considering I was spending 14 hours on a plane and it was January so I would (naturally) have no money whatsoever so I would have to spend my evenings living my life through the characters in my books. Not really got an excuse for this one to be honest. There’s still 18 days left of the month, so I have 9 days per book. I can totally do this. Note to self: Must also do better.

Resolution 4: Savings – Now I knew this one was going to be hard and technically I haven’t broken this one as there was no specified amount or time limit. The only deal was that I could not transfer the money back when I ran out before the end of the month. Therefore I consider this one to still be valid. Note to self: Must transfer £1 into savings before the end of the month and not spend it. Next month, must do better.

Well, this was actually as far as I’d got, so in brief, my current status of unbroken resolutions is 1. Number 3 is still going strong. I am half way through one book and downloaded a million others last night, so I am determined to get through them in the next 10 days.

So, here I am now on the 21-01-2014 and so far progress on keeping my resolutions is slim to non-existent. I have definitely on occasion had more than one diet coke a day (no 5) I have eaten out twice last week, and had takeaway twice the week before (no 6)nor I have not blogged (until today! L) However, number 8 is going quite well. I most certainly am having as much fun as possible – eating out, drinking coke, not reading books, eating unhealthily and not saving a penny! Woop – go me! I have still not even started to look at the unfinished novel that dons my shelf (no 9) and also I haven’t really saw much of the world yet either (no 10) 😦 I mean, I have been to Chester 3 times, but I’m not really sure that counts!

I am though, about to rectify it all… I have a plan and so I’m counting myself as armed and dangerous. I have hired a personal trainer, signed up for a triathlon with a friend, and downloaded every single healthy recipe off BBC good foods. I’ve put £5 in my savings account (you’ve got to start somewhere right) and I’m taking my laptop home tonight to proof the pages I’ve already wrote. All of this and I’ve not had one drop of diet coke today… Oh god; that explains A LOT…What on earth have I got myself into now?