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Many, if not all of my blog posts are like mini stories, most people who know me, know that being concise is not something that I can do very well. In fact, even this short and snappy post is turning into more of an essay than I intend…

Anyway, with this very thought in mind, I have decided that each week i am going to challenge myself to do one short, snappy and maybe even thought provoking blog post.

So, here goes, short snappy post numero uno…

#Throwback Thursday – a day to look back through our archives of photos and memories, to repost and rekindle those  #goodtimes with #noworries and #yolo’s and in my case way too many #drunkenstudentnightsincollege

So, I propose, that instead of ‘throwing back’ an old picture and wishing we were still living the highlife, back in those simpler time, why not embrace the complete idea of ‘throwing back’ – and physically relive that very moment again…(within reason of course, after all Thursday is a school night!)

I mean, I for one would love to throw on my pj’s, go to my friend Julia’s house and spend the evening dressing up as the spice girls, thinking that one day we might actually make it..

In fact, who am I kidding, Im texting her to arrange it right now. Like, seriously, what are you waiting for.

#ThrowbackThursday – #embrace. #it.




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