A Thursday Thought: Why mums really do know best

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I’ve been quiet for the last couple of weeks as I’ve been away on holiday and unfortunately the wifi was so poor in the hotel, there was no way of uploading any of my posts.

I did however, have a few typed and ready to go, so I will treat you all the the highlights of my holiday over the next few days. Today, however I want to give you my Thursday Thought which is, you should always listen to your mum, as she does know best.

And here’s why:

For the last 2 weeks I have been on holiday in Egypt. A group of 17 of us travelled out for a diving holiday in Hurghada. Unfortunately, one of the days was so windy we weren’t able to get out on the boat, so we spent the day  around the pool. A couple of the guys went kite surfing, and me not being too good at the whole wind and water based activity decided to sit it out and be an observer. An hour in, I got too hot so decided to go back to my room for a cool down via one of the other guys rooms to return their key. They were on the 4th floor so I decided to take the lift.

As I got in the lift and closed the doors, of course the inevitable happened. The lift stopped mid floor, the lights went out and I was trapped, alone, in the dark and nobody knew where I was. Frantically I searched for the phone but no one answered. I tried banging on the doors but no one could hear. I pressed as many buttons as I could find but all to no avail. This is it, this is how I was going to die, in a dark confined space, in Egypt all by myself. (Dramatic I know, but believe me at the time, it was a genuine fear.)

After an eternity of banging, pressing and dialling the phone, someone answered.

Me: (panicked) I’m trapped in the lift.

Receptionist: hello?


Receptionist: Ok, don’t panic, can you press the button and see if you can make it work?

Me: Its pitch black, I can’t see a thing.

Receptionist: Ok, one moment…

Now what I really wanted to yell here was no, not one moment, get me out of this bloody lift. As it was, I was in no fit state to be yelling, I’ve seen the movies, I knew my only chance of survival was to conserve my oxygen.

Thankfully, the lights came on not long after this and I was able to frantically press all of the buttons in the lift whilst yelling, hello, hello into the phone. Well, lets just say, the receptionist still has me on hold now, so I’m not holding out much hope for the next poor soul who gets stuck.

After going up and down in the lift a few times, (the doors wouldn’t open and of course my rational mind continued to press every button imaginable) I decided to prise open the door myself and climb out onto solid ground – the lift at this point was still stuck between 2 floors.

Shaking, I made my way down to the bar and treated myself to a full fat coke and half a lager. Feeling grateful to be alive I managed to provide the humour for the rest of the group that evening.

The morale of this story, if your mum, like mine, insists on taking the stairs, no matter how many flights she has to climb, she probably has good reason, and after my experience here, I will always, from this moment on, do what my mum says, as she definitely knows best.



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