The one with all the shoes

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This weekend I went to London to finally attend the ‘ballet pumps for beginners’ course I’d been dying to do with I CAN make shoes. Now, although I had a right ol’ drama getting there, I have to say, oh my life, what an awesome day I had.

I arrived the night before, as I didn’t want anything stopping me getting to the course on the day. Everything was going well until my shoe broke just as I got off the train. Ironic really; given what I was in London for. By this time it was 5.45pm so the only place I could really go was to FatFace in Euston station. There were literally no shoes in my size in the entire store. Eventually the girl found a greeny coloured sandal in the storeroom and I immediately agreed to take it. £38 lighter I left the store and headed for the tube. After somehow ending up at the wrong tube station, wandering around shoreditch for half an hour and finally making my way to bethnal green my feet were killing. These shoes were far from my dream pair. Another forty minutes of walking up and down the same bloody street, I finally found the Travelodge – turns out, the tree was covering the sign so I’d walked past the hotel 3 times. Finally, a whole 2.5 hours after arriving in London, I was at the hotel and could take these godforsaken shoes off.

My feet were cut to shreds. The shoes were ruined and I literally had blisters galore. I needed a shower, a lie down and a large glass of vino.

After a chilled out night, I was looking forward to the course the next day, but dreading putting the shoes back on my feet. Thankfully I’d come prepared with some plasters, for what little good they did. Thankfully the studio I was doing the course in was only a stones throw away, so I managed to hobble down the road and avoid the rain.

When I arrived, it turned out the other people on the course had missed their train and so now it was only me booked in for the day. I had one-to-one tuition – it was great! I got stuck in pretty quickly, picking the colour of my leather and cutting out the soles.

The tuition from Amanda was amazing, she took the time to show me step by step how to do everything and was always on hand to offer advice. The time flew by, I couldn’t believe how quick the shoes were coming together.

I can definitely say that I learnt a lot from the course; I love shoes even more than I thought I did, I cannot cut or stick very well, sewing is also probably not my forte, but I can definitely learn more by doing. I want to make shoes all the time! I am hooked!!

I am so proud of my very own handmade shoes. They are just too cute. ☺

I was so excited I bought a home shoe making pack there and then and have been scouring the internet even since looking for the perfect leather. The second I get a free weekend, I will be making pair number 2.

I would thoroughly recommend I CAN make shoes, so much so, I am going back in winter to do the high heel making course with them. I’ll make a shoe designer out of myself one day – just watch this space! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The one with all the shoes

    • I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough! Its a little pricy, but a totally unique experience! I’m in love! 🙂

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