The one with all the books

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Last month I realised that there was only actually one New Year’s resolution out of the 10 I’d made in 2014 (see post: The one with all the New Years resolutions!) that I haven’t already broken. Says a lot about my willpower – I know.

However, in order to combat the fear of failing completely, I have a plan. Armed with the fact that I really want to hold onto the remaining resolution to ensure that when December 31st comes around, I can officially say I have kept a New Year’s resolution, I have decided to give myself a challenge… Between June 1st and December 31st there are 30.5 weeks. My challenge to myself it to have read at least 30 books by the time the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. (So basically, I have to read one book a week.)

Now, I know some people have been aiming to read 150 books this year, so 30 in 6 months hardly sounds like a challenge, but believe me, for me, especially nowadays, it is. In order to prove that I have read each of the books, I am going to review them on my blog and maybe even make some useful recommendations myself.

Now, to date I have read 8 – so I think I’m off to a good start. I am yet to post any of my reviews, but I will do it all in good time – I promise.

I have about 10 books lined up on my kindle already, but I’m very happy to be guided by suggestions from any book lovers out there. I am a bit of a chick lit fan (as you will see from my upcoming reviews) so any recommendations in this category would be very much appreciated.

So, I guess The only thing left for me to do is put the kettle on, make myself a cuppa and get reading (and writing shortly after!)


4 thoughts on “The one with all the books

  1. One of my resolutions was to read 52 books in 52 weeks, I am pretty proud of myself because I have been sticking to it 🙂 One of the things I did was try to challenge myself with books I wouldn’t normally read, I post the list of what I have read and brief reviews each month.

  2. That’s awesome – well done for sticking with it! That’s actually a really good idea – I should definitely challenge myself a bit more. I’ll check out what you’ve recommended and maybe give a couple a go! 🙂

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