The one with the DIY disaster

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Well, these past few days have most certainly been eventful, and not all in a good way. Not to dwell on the bad stuff, I thought I would share the drama of how me trying to save money and be thrifty, actually managed to cost me much more than I ever intended. (Now I can laugh about it!)

After the success of my shoe making course, I decided to search the internet for more shoe making ideas. I came across a post on a fellow bloggers site (for some reason it won’t let me link it here, but a google search if you’re interested and you will find it!) Basically the post was a step by step guide on how to make a pair of shoes a la Marc Jacobs.

The blog was about making a pair of cat shoes (for the none MJ fans!) – and they were awesome! So naturally, I decided I was going to do the same. Not only would I have a pair of shoes similar to a designers, they would be a fraction of the price and have much more sentimental value. Win-Win, yeah?

A few days later I went to the shops, bought my supplies (acrylic paint, a gold marker and masking tape!) and came home all excited about renovating an old pair of shoes…that was until disaster struck.

As I squirted the paint (black) out of the tube onto my brand spanking new paint pallet, it shot right out the other end and landed on our beige sofa. I couldn’t believe my luck (or more like un-luck!) I was quite far away from the sofa with tissue paper and a plastic mat covering as much of the floor as possible, yet I managed to hit the one place that it wouldn’t wipe off!

After an hour and an half of scrubbing, bleaching, soapy-watering, crying and yelling at the sofa, the stain was not budging! There was nothing I could do. I hadn’t even managed to put paint to shoe yet.

My sofa: Before the scrubbing and yelling:


My sofa: After the scrubbing and yelling:


So I did, the only thing a girl could do at that moment – cranked up the music – reminded my husband that he loved me and should keep perspective of what was important when he got home (It was worth a try!) and painted my shoes.

By the end of it, I was pretty proud of my efforts, despite the whole destroying the sofa incident (of-course!) which, coincidentally will now cost me considerably more than buying a pair of MJ’s shoes would have done in the first place! Ha!

That aside, I’m still pretty chuffed and I have more shoes to decorate this week. I’ll keep you updated with my progress!

Like I said, I totally cannot take any credit for the idea, but I will post a how-to guide (minus the sofa part!) for anyone interested.

Here are my shoes:



2 thoughts on “The one with the DIY disaster

  1. Oh dear, I see why there was yelling, you poor thing. When I was minding my nephew one day he got himself up from his nap and found a black biro somewhere (still don’t know where it came from) and drew pretty pictures all over 3 of our rental properties white walls. Cue me freaking out that we would have to repaint the entire place. Then I started Googling and found a crazy fix that completely worked. I am not sure if there is an equivalent, I did a quick Google and there are a few decent responses to “how to get paint off sofa” πŸ™‚ perhaps some of them could work, remember if they ask you to use hairspray it needs to be alcohol based hair spray (that’s what we used on the walls πŸ™‚ )

  2. Oh my days, I can imagine how freaked out you were. What a nightmare! Thanks for the tip re the hairspray – I tried a few things from google last week and each time it is going down, its just not removing it completely! Thankfully my husband laughed so I didn’t feel as bad! Its nothing that a strategically placed cushion won’t cure! haha πŸ™‚

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