The one with The Bucket List: 30 things to do before I am 30

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Recently I saw on a blog I follow ( a post called ‘Goals of Summer’ and it got me thinking about all the things I want to do. Of course, like most people, I have a Bucket List – I mean it’s not actually written down, but it is continuously growing in my head and I am worried that if I don’t start putting some of my hopes and dreams into action soon, I’m going to run out of time. (Like, I’m not planning on going anywhere just yet, but you know, there’s so much out there in the world and actually very little time in comparison.)

So I have decided to split them up into more easily measurable goals – this way I have a bit more of an impending deadline, as opposed to waiting until I, well you know, ‘kick the bucket’. (for you realists out there, I know this can in fact happen at any time – but just go with me on this one, I am trying to manage my expectations!)

So, here it goes, part one of my Bucket List: 30 things to do before I am 30:

1. Go to Paris.

2. Visit Anne Frank’s house.

3. Go on the longest zip wire in Europe.

4. Have strawberries and champagne (in a posh place.)

5. Go on the London Eye.

6. Have a long weekend camping in a VW Camper Van.

7. Make my own swim wear

8. Get Cliff Richard’s autograph for my mum.

9. Make a pair of high heeled shoes.

10. Own a pair of Louboutin shoes. 🙂

11. Go to Vegas.

12. See the Grand Canyon.

13. Write a novel.

14. Have a month not in my overdraft (probably not going to happen if I do all these things!)

15. Learn how to make cakes (like proper ones – with icing and all that jazz!)

16. Have a successful blog.

17. Go on the underground trampoline.

18. Climb Ben Nevis.

19. Go to Isle of Sky.

20. Watch Top Gun.

21. Fit into my size 10 skinny jeans.

22. Be fluent in Welsh.

23. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

24. Ride on a Gondola.

25. Be a child for the day (going to Disneyland Paris counts, right?)

26. Conquer a fear (get back on the horse, literally)

27. Learn how to make cocktails (like, on a proper course!)

28. Make someone laugh so hard a little wee comes out!

29. Dance the night away.

30. Take a ride in a Hot Air Balloon

There it is, my first bucket list – so I will admit are a little ambitious. How on earth I am getting hold of Cliff Richard’s autograph is beyond me, but I will spend the next 4-and-a-bit years doing my very best to cross that and the other 29 things off my list. The whole reason I made it up Kilimanjaro was due to my stubbornness. If I set my mind to something, there is nothing that will get in my way, and I will be dammed if the very first thing to do that is Cliff bloody Richard.

Watch this space. I’ll keep you updated.  🙂


14 thoughts on “The one with The Bucket List: 30 things to do before I am 30

  1. I love your list!! =) I’m positive you can get these done by the time you’re 30, and if not, it will remain on your bucket list anyhow so no worries!! Also, I think you can check off #16 b/c your blog is wonderful!!

    • Ahh thank you Christina. I’m hoping I can get through it all. I’m going to try and tick at least 3 of them off before the end of the year! 🙂 good luck with your goals too! 🙂

  2. When you make it to London on the London Eye then there’s a great bar called LAB that does courses in cocktails not too far away in Soho. Honestly the best cocktails you’ll ever make/have in your life!

    • Ahh thanks Lauren, I will check it out. Ticking off 2 in one go is definitely the way to do it! haha 🙂

  3. So I have an idea on the Cliff Richard’s thing 🙂 check this out I couldn’t find information on who his management company is, but he seems to do most things through the Cliff Richard Organisation anyway. Hope that is helpful.
    Number 4. This is pretty awesome and YUM. Perhaps you could follow it up by having champagne and strawberries in a non-posh place… like for instance McDonalds hahaha
    Number 28. Would they tell you a little bit of wee came out? Actually they probably would, I have said to a friend, “oh stop, I might wee” hahaha.

    • Ahh yeah my mum goes on about this fan club thing all the time, I’ll check it out – thank you very much for the tip. I LOVE the idea of champagne and strawberries in McDonalds, definitely getting the husband to do that with me! 🙂
      Funnily enough, a friend tweeted me last night saying that I could tick number 28 off as she had witnessed it! I think it was her way of telling me she’d pee’d a little in my company! Haha 🙂

      • Hahaha how funny is that! There you go, you have perhaps been making people wet themselves for years and have had no idea hahaha.

  4. Such a fun list!! Just came to this post from your comment on the Lovely Lady Bloggers group 🙂
    I am seriously looking forward to you doing Europe’s longest zipline – where is it and how can I do that too?
    Have fun ticking off each of these 30 experiences!!

    • Thank you! Its in North Wales, in a little town called Bethesda – I’m hoping to get booked on it before the end of the month! I will let you know how it goes! Hopefully i’ll get some pictures too! 🙂 here’s the website if you want to check it out – 🙂

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