The one with (or without) the wine

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Last night I was invited out for food by a friend whose birthday it was this week. As usual I had left it until the last possible moment to buy them a card and a gift. (I should add here that it’s not that I’m not thoughtful, I spend lots of time thinking about what people would like but I never give myself enough time to order/buy it!)

Anyway, this particular friend really likes his wine so I went to the supermarket to purchase a bottle that had been recommended to me. I decided to pick up a few others things whilst I was there (despite the fact I really didn’t have time) and rushed to the till. I grabbed my bags and left pretty quickly. Halfway to the restaurant I realised that I had left the bag with the wine and card in on the self-service check out. GRRR!

Cue a sharp U-turn, a rushed text message to another friend saying i was on my way but was going to be a bit late and I raced back to the shop (not breaking the speed limit once, of course.)

I arrived back at the shop, there was no bag with wine or a card left on the checkout so I asked the assistant for help and explained what had happened. I literally cannot believe what happened next – the shop would not give me my wine. They asked me for ID – of course this particular day I had left my driving licence at home and because I was unable to provide any proof of age (despite the fact that the wine already belonged to me as I had purchased it less than 10 minutes earlier) I had to leave empty handed and come back tomorrow with ID and they would then check the CCTV.

I did try arguing with the assistant, stating quite clearly that if they checked their CCTV now they would see I had bought it – but apparently with no ID there is no sale. Of course, I argued that there had already been a sale and I thought I was getting somewhere until the assistant politely (but very firmly now) said: Well, I can appreciated you might have bought it, but you don’t have a receipt. I know, I replied, because the receipt is the bloody bag that you’re withholding from me!!!

I had no choice but to admit defeat and head to the restaurant without the wine. Once I had finally arrived and told everyone what had happened it was agreed that at least my lateness came with some lols and therefore it was rendered acceptable!

I mean, it could only happen to me…

The moral of the story here is, don’t buy a bottle of wine from the supermarket…. buy a crate – that way you are 6 times more likely to actually get out of the store with it!)


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