The one with the ‘bright idea’

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So, a little while ago I decided that I was ready for another challenge and signed myself up for a bike ride in aid of children’s charity ‘the make a wish foundation’.

I know why I picked the charity, to me it was a no brainer- granting wishes for terminally ill children in my opinion is one of the greatest causes out there. Last year I raised just under Β£2500 for children’s charity childreach international and having the opportunity to see how that money affected the lives of children made me want to do the same again, for those who may not have the quality of life I have, or indeed even live to become my age.

The thing I didn’t really think through was the bike ride part, well a bike ride I can do, but a cycle from London to Paris- well that really is pushing myself to the limit.

I have started training, which is a definitely improvement on the time I went up Kilimanjaro having walked up Snowdon once. But something tells me this challenge might be even harder as I am far from a natural when it comes to bike riding! (I’ve already fallen off twice!)

Anyway, the bit that is concerning me the most right now is the fundraising… Last time I raised money a large proportion came from my family and friends who were extremely generous in sponsoring me. But this time round, I don’t really feel like I can ask.

So my question is how do I go about raising Β£1500 between now (October 12th 2014) and the end of February 2015?

I really do need all the help I can get! I am way too stubborn to quit, or admit defeat, and the charity means way too much to me – so basically I need to get my ass into gear and get a move on fast. I have to turn my not so bright idea into a super bright one and I need your help!

Answers on a postcard please!! Or you know, in a comment below!

Thank you!!

For anyone who wants to know more about the charity and why I am fundraising you can check out my page here:



4 thoughts on “The one with the ‘bright idea’

  1. I’ll have to think of something good…for now some way too early in the morning brainstorming could be car washes (always seems to work in the US for some money), some sort of fundraising event where you explain in detail what you are doing…I’ll keep my thinking hat on and as soon as I am completely awake will try to send more info…what have you tried thus far?

    • Ahh thanks Joel – very much appreocated! πŸ™‚ I have a night planned in a local venue to do some fundraising, plus a quiz and doing the cloackroom in a nightclub so hopefully i will get some good donations there! Ive done a car boot sale which made Β£70 so that was quite good! Not sure we’ve got the weather here for car washes right now! I’d propbably get blown away! haha

  2. Hehe to your picture above!! ❀ I love that you don't think twice about signing up for a wonderful cause. I know it sounds hard to do, but I know you can do it! It's all about participating, right? =) Great idea, hun!!!

    • Thanks Christina! It’s hard to keep motivated but you’re right, its a fantastic cause and I don’t need to finish first – I just need to finish! πŸ™‚

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