A Thursday Thought: I QUIT

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So, this week has been one hell of a week. Not all bad, of course, there are many people who are having a much worse week than I am. I know that. I always try to keep perspective, but sometimes, well, it is hard.

So, I’ve decided 2 things.

  1. I am going to rebel and post my Thursday Thought on a Wednesday; because I can.
  2. I am going to QUIT.

I am the most stubborn person I know though, so quitting for me is very hard. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever quit anything. Well, I quit Morris Dancing when I was 15 but I’m not sure that counts!

I don’t really know what I’m quitting though. I’d say work but, most of the time I really like my job and I need it to keep on fulfilling my New Year’s Resolution (see as much of the world as possible) – it’s like one of the few resolutions I have actually managed to keep.

I could quit the gym, but I need that in order to be able to cycle from London to Paris next year.

I’d say I’d quit spending money, as at least that would be good for me, but to be honest, I need to be realistic!

So I think what I will quit is worrying. Life really is too short to spend so much time being unhappy or worrying about things that, often we can’t even control. Yet we still worry, fret and try to change what we can. And what’s the point. What will be will be, there are plenty of people who don’t have a family, a house or even a job. In many ways I am one of the luckiest people in the world.

So, world, do you hear me, for the first ‘proper’ time in my life – I QUIT, I quit worrying and stressing and fretting. Now stubbornness, don’t you dare let me down. I have said I quit and I will be dammed if anyone tries to stop me!


A Thursday Thought: Why I am going to Make a Wish come true

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The Timehop app told me yesterday that this time last year I posted on my Facebook page that it was 10 days until I left for Africa and started my adventure of a lifetime, climbing Kilimanjaro. This sparked 2 thoughts:

1. I really need to finish writing about it, as I still haven’t updated my blog about summit night.
2. I really need to start thinking about my next adventure.

A few people I know have taken on cycling challenges this year and I have to admit, they have really inspired me. I bought a bike a few months ago for the triathlon I signed up for, but since February I have been plagued with ear infections, so I can no longer take part.

So I have decided that next year I am going to take on a cycling challenge for the Make A Wish Foundation UK.

Why? Well, because life is short. Too short. I want to make sure that the time I have on this Earth is well spent, I want to live life to the full. Not everyone gets the chance to do this. This is why I have picked the Make a Wish Foundation UK – as it is a fantastic charity that grants wishes for children in the UK from the age of 3-17 who are fighting life threatening conditions. Life is what you make it, I want to make what life these children have extra special by contributing to the cause and making their wish come true.

Not that long ago I bought a thing to hang on the wall in our house that said; “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain.” Well, I definitely need to get out there and learn how to dance fast, as pretty soon its going to chuck it down, and if I cant dance in the rain, how on earth am I going to cycle!

I’m sure that over the next couple of months my training is going to amuse the majority of people I know, so to ensure no-one misses out on the lol’s, I will add a new section to my site and keep everyone in the loop.

Wish me luck – I think I’m going to need it!

For anyone who want to donate a £1 or 2, you can visit my JustGiving page here: https://www.justgiving.com/DanielleBarnard

Thank you! 🙂

A Thursday Thought: Why mums really do know best

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I’ve been quiet for the last couple of weeks as I’ve been away on holiday and unfortunately the wifi was so poor in the hotel, there was no way of uploading any of my posts.

I did however, have a few typed and ready to go, so I will treat you all the the highlights of my holiday over the next few days. Today, however I want to give you my Thursday Thought which is, you should always listen to your mum, as she does know best.

And here’s why:

For the last 2 weeks I have been on holiday in Egypt. A group of 17 of us travelled out for a diving holiday in Hurghada. Unfortunately, one of the days was so windy we weren’t able to get out on the boat, so we spent the day  around the pool. A couple of the guys went kite surfing, and me not being too good at the whole wind and water based activity decided to sit it out and be an observer. An hour in, I got too hot so decided to go back to my room for a cool down via one of the other guys rooms to return their key. They were on the 4th floor so I decided to take the lift.

As I got in the lift and closed the doors, of course the inevitable happened. The lift stopped mid floor, the lights went out and I was trapped, alone, in the dark and nobody knew where I was. Frantically I searched for the phone but no one answered. I tried banging on the doors but no one could hear. I pressed as many buttons as I could find but all to no avail. This is it, this is how I was going to die, in a dark confined space, in Egypt all by myself. (Dramatic I know, but believe me at the time, it was a genuine fear.)

After an eternity of banging, pressing and dialling the phone, someone answered.

Me: (panicked) I’m trapped in the lift.

Receptionist: hello?


Receptionist: Ok, don’t panic, can you press the button and see if you can make it work?

Me: Its pitch black, I can’t see a thing.

Receptionist: Ok, one moment…

Now what I really wanted to yell here was no, not one moment, get me out of this bloody lift. As it was, I was in no fit state to be yelling, I’ve seen the movies, I knew my only chance of survival was to conserve my oxygen.

Thankfully, the lights came on not long after this and I was able to frantically press all of the buttons in the lift whilst yelling, hello, hello into the phone. Well, lets just say, the receptionist still has me on hold now, so I’m not holding out much hope for the next poor soul who gets stuck.

After going up and down in the lift a few times, (the doors wouldn’t open and of course my rational mind continued to press every button imaginable) I decided to prise open the door myself and climb out onto solid ground – the lift at this point was still stuck between 2 floors.

Shaking, I made my way down to the bar and treated myself to a full fat coke and half a lager. Feeling grateful to be alive I managed to provide the humour for the rest of the group that evening.

The morale of this story, if your mum, like mine, insists on taking the stairs, no matter how many flights she has to climb, she probably has good reason, and after my experience here, I will always, from this moment on, do what my mum says, as she definitely knows best.


A Thursday Thought: Peter Pan on Ice (at Venue Cymru)

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Recently, our student newspaper Seren was invited to attend a performance of Peter Pan on ice at the local theatre, Venue Cymru. As an occasional writer for the paper, I jumped at the chance to be the one to go and review the show – I absolutely love the story of Peter Pan and what could be more magical than telling that story on ice. I managed to convince one of my colleagues to attend with me, partly for a second opinion but also because I had a strong suspicion that I might be sobbing during the performance and a girl cannot be left to sob in a theatre alone.

We arrive at Venue Cymru with minutes to spare but thankfully the helpful staff showed us quickly to our seats and we made it in before the show started. I was pleasantly surprised to discover the auditorium was relatively full considering the mid-week performance date and the audience ranged from really young to old. I was so excited…The lights dimmed, the music started and I prepared myself to be taken on a magical journey right back to my inner child.

The opening scene started well and I was surprised so see that there was actually real, genuine ice on the stage. My colleague Rhys has asked me on the way where the ice would come from – he was adamant it was going to be called ‘ice’ but that cast would in fact be on roller skates. Oh ye of little faith, I knew Peter Pan would not let me down.

A few minutes in, the tale started with one of the performers who I assumed was playing JM Barrie, the author of Peter Pan. I eagerly awaited the voice of the narrator, to tell the story of how Wendy, John and Michael came to find themselves in Never Land with Peter Pan and TinkerBell.

Ten minutes later, although I could not fault the skating one single bit, (in fact, although I am no expert I would say it was world class) I was slightly disappointed that there was an ‘author’ who occasionally skated onto the stage, took off his jacket and top had, had a bit of a dance with the children’s distraught mother and then passed her back to the equally distraught father (who by this point was probably more worried about loosing his wife to JM Barrie than his missing children!) but not once did he utter one single word. I mean, WHERE WERE THE WORDS. This was not what I had expected at all.

Now, despite my initial disappointment at the lack of words, I wouldn’t say that I didn’t enjoy the show; in fact, the more characters that came onto the stage, the more I enjoyed it. There was certainly no shortage of talent in the Russian ice-skating company, from the main characters of Peter, Wendy and TinkerBell all the way through to the Native American Indian, the lost boys and even Peter’s shadow. (Although it did take a couple of seconds to figure out who the guy with the tights on his head was!) But, I will be honest, I did miss the words. Now, I’m not saying every character had to have a full on conversation with each other, but a few scene setting words from the ‘author’ would have been nice and added to the ambience the ice-skaters were creating.

What I did love about the show was the ability for the cast to bring humour to the stage, without any words at all (of course!) I loved Captain Hook and his crew – the buzz that the pirates created on stage was fantastic, considering the little space and props they had. Tinker Bell’s skating technique was outstanding; she really pulled off the flirty, lustful side of the fairy. There were several points throughout where I was left open mouthed and there was no shortage of applause throughout both act one and two.

However, I have to be honest, my favourite part was most definitely the crocodile. Not only was it amazing to see a person skating in a full on crocodile costume, when said person began to do the worm, in said costume, across a stage of ice, you can’t but not applaud. If only the crocodile could speak!

Would I recommend the show? Yes, I would. Did I miss the words? Yes I did. Do I now have an undying urge to go and take up ice-skating? Erm… Would you believe me if I said ive already got my first lesson booked.

Watch out Wendy, you’ve got some competition.



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Many, if not all of my blog posts are like mini stories, most people who know me, know that being concise is not something that I can do very well. In fact, even this short and snappy post is turning into more of an essay than I intend…

Anyway, with this very thought in mind, I have decided that each week i am going to challenge myself to do one short, snappy and maybe even thought provoking blog post.

So, here goes, short snappy post numero uno…

#Throwback Thursday – a day to look back through our archives of photos and memories, to repost and rekindle those  #goodtimes with #noworries and #yolo’s and in my case way too many #drunkenstudentnightsincollege

So, I propose, that instead of ‘throwing back’ an old picture and wishing we were still living the highlife, back in those simpler time, why not embrace the complete idea of ‘throwing back’ – and physically relive that very moment again…(within reason of course, after all Thursday is a school night!)

I mean, I for one would love to throw on my pj’s, go to my friend Julia’s house and spend the evening dressing up as the spice girls, thinking that one day we might actually make it..

In fact, who am I kidding, Im texting her to arrange it right now. Like, seriously, what are you waiting for.

#ThrowbackThursday – #embrace. #it.