Shoe Loyalty

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So, before I go straight into this story I feel like I need to explain that this is actually a little bit of a risky post as there is no real ‘good’ outcome for myself (or my husband) if I decide to actually click ‘post’ and not leave this wallowing in my draft folder for a little while!

It’s no major disaster – no-one is going to get into any trouble or harm, I feel like I should just get that out the way before I continue. Basically, if I tell the story and my husband finds out (by reading it) then I’m in ‘trouble’ for spending more money on shoes and if he doesn’t find out (i.e. if he doesn’t read it – as I would like to think that anyone who knows us both and reads my blog would never grass me up!) then I know that despite what he says, he doesn’t actually read my blog and therefore does not support my hobby! (the ‘not supporting my hobby’ part is complete exaggeration – I know that he doesn’t need to read my blog to support me, but y’know, it adds to the drama, and who doesn’t love a bit of drama!)

Now, it’s not like I could say anything to him, as really I want to keep my little shoe shopping spree to myself, so it’s a bit like catch 22. But at least by posting this, I will know if he knows and ultimately if he reads my blog! Unless of course, he knows but doesn’t say anything so I don’t know he knows! (Are you still with me?! Hopefully you FRIENDS fans out there enjoyed that reference!)

So the story is…I went to London on a work trip last week, couldn’t get an earlier train back as we had advanced tickets so naturally I did what anyone would do with a free hour to kill in London…went shopping in Christian Louboutin. Now, I was only going to look, honest! Ha, who am I kidding, I was never leaving without a little brown bag of joy! What I wasn’t expecting was to be recognised by one of the members of staff. I always tell Steve that it’s a bad sign when the person in a shop (or often in our case, takeaway/restaurant) knows your name (and order) and he insists that you get looked after better and it shows loyalty – which is a good trait in a person…

Well, its official. I am loyal to Christian Louboutin. Now, to be fair the sales assistant didn’t know my name – but he did remember me from a couple of months earlier and did recall what I’d bought and what else I said I was going to buy! (Nail varnish nude and red, the same as the soles!) Ha, how embarrassing! I did say to my colleague (who I’d dragged halfway across London) not to mention it to anyone as it’s never good to be remembered by a shop, but actually thought it was quit typical of me and worthy of a share after all! I was just casually browsing and he asked me if I needed help. It would have been rude not to try the shoes on, so when another assistant went to get them and I carried on ‘browsing’ he was like, haven’t you shopped with us before? You’re the girl who came in for the nail varnish! I went as red as the soles of the shoes, and I was like, yes it was me, I am the girl who tried every shade on, painted every nail and then couldn’t decide on which shade of nude. Over an hour later I did leave with a purchase though – I mean picking the right varnish to match your shoes is a very important decision… (Especially when said nail varnish is £34 a bottle!)

So, needless to say I left the shop, yet again with another pair of shoes. I am VERY loyal. But they’re so pretty and unique and now I don’t have to drag my hubby around the CL store in Paris – we can do the things he’d prefer/ more time for more shops for me!! I did it for him ultimately! I am such a kind and considerate wife.

Not that he will get mad, as we don’t have that type of relationship anyway – we don’t really care what each other spends our money on as long as the bills are paid and there’s food on the table, what does it matter… BUT he has just come back from the Dive Show in Birmingham and spent a similar amount of money on a pair of fins – and they’re technically shoes, right?! So, all in all, we’re both as bad LOYAL as each other!


The one with the Louboutins

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I have been MIA on my blog for the last week as I have been very busy ticking things off my Bucket List and I am very pleased to be able to report that I have managed to tick one off and have quite a few works in progress.

I cannot believe I am about to say this… I am now the proud owner of a pair of b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l Christian Louboutin heels. Oh my days. I am still smiling like a loon about it. It wasn’t even planned.

photo 4

Last Friday I went to London with my niece to watch the UK X Factor auditions and the time on the ticket turned out not to be the actual time of the show so we ended up being in London on a scorching hot day with hours to kill. We are both shoe fans* (*addicts!) and so it would have been extremely rude of us not to visit the Christian Louboutin store whilst we were on our travels. I mean we’d totally googled the venue on the way, just in case we ended up at a loose end.

Anyway, I was adamant I wasn’t to leave with a pair of shoes – I was only going for some nail varnish. But the minute we got in there, we both fell in love. My niece, Abbie was straight in there picking which pair she was going to try on but I couldn’t decide for the life of me. They were all just too pretty. Eventually I decided on a nude pair to try, followed by another, and another…oh go on then one more…

The minute the shoes were on my feet though, there was no way I was leaving the shop without them! After much deliberation over pointy or round toe (Abbie) patent or not (both of us) shoe boot vs pump (me) and finally black vs nude (also me) we had both come to a decision. Giddy as hell, we made our way to the cash register to pay the poor demented girl who had been serving us for the last hour.

And, there you have it, less than 10 minutes later both of us left with our Loubs proudly being displayed on our arms. We had to take a photo – I mean this is not an every day occurrence. Though, to be honest, if you’d heard us, you would think we were both rich – “when we go Paris I think I’ll get the shoe boots!”

photo 2

photo 1

Me and Abbie
proudly displaying
our bags!

I should also
say that we spent
that long in the store
that we nearly
missed the X Factor
Thankfully we made it though…

On the way home we were as proud as punch with our buys (if not slightly nervous about seeing our parents (Abbie) and husband (me) for the dreaded ‘How much? For a shoe? I can paint you a red sole’ conversation. It was just a real shame that the train was so rammed so we have to share our fajita wrap and walkers crisps sat on the floor in the doorway for 3 hours – as Abbie kindly pointed out, we’d gone from classy to trashy in a matter of minutes! Oh well. Trashy or not, we were the owners of a gorgeous pair of Loubs each, so all in all, it had been a pretty good day.

photo 3

Now, roll on Paris so I can buy the shoe boots and tick another item off my Bucket List.

Shoes, glorious shoes

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much money I spend on shoes. I often joke about price per wear and how, it’s ok to buy more; they’re an investment. But in all seriousness, I sometimes think, I could have bloody well made this myself…

This got me thinking – why do I give all my hard earned money to shoe designers, when I could in fact, make my own? I mean, most of the best (in my opinion) designers are men; Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin… and where do these men get off in being able to say what shoes a woman should wear? I should be able to decide what heel height I want on my shoes, what shade of blue it should be and not give in to the world of fashion to tell me what’s hot this season and what’s not.

I am a woman, I have my own ideas and damn right, I am going to make my own shoes.

Marilyn Monroe once said ‘give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.’ Well, I have made a decision, I am going to enroll on a shoe designing course, make myself some shoes and conquer the world, one shoe at a time.

Watch out, ‘Maud’ by Danielle will be hitting the shelves in no time!!