The one with the party game

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Last weekend I went to a friend’s house for a get together for another friend’s birthday. We were having a lovely evening and it was great to see and hang out with people who I don’t spend time with on a daily basis. After dinner (and of course cake) we decided to play a game of ‘Who’s in the Bag?’

Despite being a ‘Who’s in the bag?’ virgin, I quickly got the hang of the game. Basically you have 1 minutes to explain to your team/the other players, who the person on your card is without saying their name. So, for example, if your card says ‘Thomas the Tank’ you could say something like; ‘children’s TV show about trains. This train is blue.’

After a test round, it was my turn. I started off quite well, that was until I got to my 5th card…The name on the card was such a well-known individual that I had a full on panic. Everyone in the room would know who this person was, so I needed to do them justice!

So, this is what I said…

“He is a really popular political figure…everyone knows him, gosh he is so famous…”

I literally couldn’t think of any words and was in full on panic mode. So I said the only think I knew that would be a sure thing.

“There is a building in Only Fools and Horses that Del Boy lives in, which is name after him…”

BOOM. Nelson Mandela was called out right away. Followed by a massive roar of laughter.

I then spent the remaining seconds of my time trying to speak about the next person on my card over the laughter, which, let me tell you, was not easy!

Later on in the game I asked what someone else would have said if they’d have had the Mandela card.

“He stopped apartheid,” was the response I got.

I mean, fair enough really, a slightly more obvious statement, but still, everyone correctly guessed from my description too.

Next time I think I’ll stick to playing with the children’s edition, although how on earth I would describe Basil Brush, I’ll never know!