Wedding Woes, Hens and Ducks

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Today I have discovered that the most stressful part of planning a wedding is planning the hen night. Traditionally this is done by your bridesmaids, and to be fair to both by bridesmaids, sisters and friends, they have all helped where they can and offered to plan the night, but 1. i am a little bit of a control freak with these types of things, and 2. i have uni friends, welsh friends, work friends, friends from high school, etc and, well they aren’t all in the same country as each other, let alone the same vicinity, so, for simplicity, i decided the easiest thing to do was organise it myself!

Now, i am regretting this decision…(although the control freak in me begs to differ!)

Firstly i hate asking people for money, and although so far this hasnt been too bad it still pains me to do it!

Secondly, I am probably not the best at organising these types of things. So what could go wrong?

Well, i booked everyone a room in the travelodge, miscounted the number of rooms i needed and now the rooms are £85. I cannot believe it. I am in a rage! I am also now £85 lighter than what i was this morning, so bye, bye the jack wills dress i had my eye on!

Moving swifty on…The second most stressful thing about planning a wedding is your husband to be. If he is anything like mine, although he is very excited to get married, he doesnt quite understand what “you need to book a fitting for a suit for you and your best man (or men in our case) and you need to do it NOW!!‘” actually means! And so with only a few weeks to go, we still have no wedding suit for the grooms party. (I am hoping this very subtle hint changes this fact at some point in the not to distant future.)

To be honest though, its not all doom and gloom. Picking the wedding rings, designing the cake, youtubing church hymns to see which ones sound the best, and actually realising how many friends you have who want to share your day with you, has all been really nice and something that I will treasure for ever!

What I guess i am trying say is that, for all the stress and headaches that getting married causes, it is actually one of the most exciting things i have ever done (i mean, i would hope that it is assumed from the off that this is the case, but you do hear some horror stories about couple splitting up before they even make it down the aisle!) Although i know it is not for everyone, if im being honest, it is something that i had always imagined i would do but never really thought that much about what planning a wedding would be like. (I mean between all the talking i do, i didnt really have that much time to think about it!)

Anyways, as we are drawing nearer everything is starting to come together and there are only a few more things left to plan…The biggest worry on my mind now, is, whilst we are all at the wedding, WHO IS GOING TO LOOK AFTER THE DUCKS!!!