The one with the dedication

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A few months ago I went to the gym.

I have been trying hard to get back into a routine of going to classes but I felt so restricted with timings that i ended up missing loads and having to leave work mid-way through things so it was fair to say it wasn’t quite working out.

I made a decision to ditch the classes and went for the whole actually do a workout in the gym approach. All was going well, i’d reached my twice-a-week minimum goal for 2 weeks on the run and this particular week, i was on for 3 times and it wasn’t even Friday! I was on a roll.

I rocked up, went into the changing rooms, got changed and realised to my horror that I had forgotten my trainers.

Well, what is a girl to do when she has forgotten the one piece of equipment she needed to actually workout with..quit, go home, call it a day and console herself in a nice big chocolate cake and Starbucks? Hell, yes that is definitely what i wanted to do. But no, i did not succumb. I stayed strong and dedicated… I marched myself upstairs to the sports shop and I did the only thing I could do, I bought a new pair of trainers. I was a real hardship, but what can you do. I just had to buy another pair of shoes.

So, there you have it, true dedication…to my shoe collection of course!

(note: i did get the Starbucks on the way home and I actually quit the gym the following week and decided to join some local classes nearer to were I work and I’m having a lot more success at going and remembering my trainers too!)


Shoe Loyalty

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So, before I go straight into this story I feel like I need to explain that this is actually a little bit of a risky post as there is no real ‘good’ outcome for myself (or my husband) if I decide to actually click ‘post’ and not leave this wallowing in my draft folder for a little while!

It’s no major disaster – no-one is going to get into any trouble or harm, I feel like I should just get that out the way before I continue. Basically, if I tell the story and my husband finds out (by reading it) then I’m in ‘trouble’ for spending more money on shoes and if he doesn’t find out (i.e. if he doesn’t read it – as I would like to think that anyone who knows us both and reads my blog would never grass me up!) then I know that despite what he says, he doesn’t actually read my blog and therefore does not support my hobby! (the ‘not supporting my hobby’ part is complete exaggeration – I know that he doesn’t need to read my blog to support me, but y’know, it adds to the drama, and who doesn’t love a bit of drama!)

Now, it’s not like I could say anything to him, as really I want to keep my little shoe shopping spree to myself, so it’s a bit like catch 22. But at least by posting this, I will know if he knows and ultimately if he reads my blog! Unless of course, he knows but doesn’t say anything so I don’t know he knows! (Are you still with me?! Hopefully you FRIENDS fans out there enjoyed that reference!)

So the story is…I went to London on a work trip last week, couldn’t get an earlier train back as we had advanced tickets so naturally I did what anyone would do with a free hour to kill in London…went shopping in Christian Louboutin. Now, I was only going to look, honest! Ha, who am I kidding, I was never leaving without a little brown bag of joy! What I wasn’t expecting was to be recognised by one of the members of staff. I always tell Steve that it’s a bad sign when the person in a shop (or often in our case, takeaway/restaurant) knows your name (and order) and he insists that you get looked after better and it shows loyalty – which is a good trait in a person…

Well, its official. I am loyal to Christian Louboutin. Now, to be fair the sales assistant didn’t know my name – but he did remember me from a couple of months earlier and did recall what I’d bought and what else I said I was going to buy! (Nail varnish nude and red, the same as the soles!) Ha, how embarrassing! I did say to my colleague (who I’d dragged halfway across London) not to mention it to anyone as it’s never good to be remembered by a shop, but actually thought it was quit typical of me and worthy of a share after all! I was just casually browsing and he asked me if I needed help. It would have been rude not to try the shoes on, so when another assistant went to get them and I carried on ‘browsing’ he was like, haven’t you shopped with us before? You’re the girl who came in for the nail varnish! I went as red as the soles of the shoes, and I was like, yes it was me, I am the girl who tried every shade on, painted every nail and then couldn’t decide on which shade of nude. Over an hour later I did leave with a purchase though – I mean picking the right varnish to match your shoes is a very important decision… (Especially when said nail varnish is £34 a bottle!)

So, needless to say I left the shop, yet again with another pair of shoes. I am VERY loyal. But they’re so pretty and unique and now I don’t have to drag my hubby around the CL store in Paris – we can do the things he’d prefer/ more time for more shops for me!! I did it for him ultimately! I am such a kind and considerate wife.

Not that he will get mad, as we don’t have that type of relationship anyway – we don’t really care what each other spends our money on as long as the bills are paid and there’s food on the table, what does it matter… BUT he has just come back from the Dive Show in Birmingham and spent a similar amount of money on a pair of fins – and they’re technically shoes, right?! So, all in all, we’re both as bad LOYAL as each other!

The one with (or without) the wine

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Last night I was invited out for food by a friend whose birthday it was this week. As usual I had left it until the last possible moment to buy them a card and a gift. (I should add here that it’s not that I’m not thoughtful, I spend lots of time thinking about what people would like but I never give myself enough time to order/buy it!)

Anyway, this particular friend really likes his wine so I went to the supermarket to purchase a bottle that had been recommended to me. I decided to pick up a few others things whilst I was there (despite the fact I really didn’t have time) and rushed to the till. I grabbed my bags and left pretty quickly. Halfway to the restaurant I realised that I had left the bag with the wine and card in on the self-service check out. GRRR!

Cue a sharp U-turn, a rushed text message to another friend saying i was on my way but was going to be a bit late and I raced back to the shop (not breaking the speed limit once, of course.)

I arrived back at the shop, there was no bag with wine or a card left on the checkout so I asked the assistant for help and explained what had happened. I literally cannot believe what happened next – the shop would not give me my wine. They asked me for ID – of course this particular day I had left my driving licence at home and because I was unable to provide any proof of age (despite the fact that the wine already belonged to me as I had purchased it less than 10 minutes earlier) I had to leave empty handed and come back tomorrow with ID and they would then check the CCTV.

I did try arguing with the assistant, stating quite clearly that if they checked their CCTV now they would see I had bought it – but apparently with no ID there is no sale. Of course, I argued that there had already been a sale and I thought I was getting somewhere until the assistant politely (but very firmly now) said: Well, I can appreciated you might have bought it, but you don’t have a receipt. I know, I replied, because the receipt is the bloody bag that you’re withholding from me!!!

I had no choice but to admit defeat and head to the restaurant without the wine. Once I had finally arrived and told everyone what had happened it was agreed that at least my lateness came with some lols and therefore it was rendered acceptable!

I mean, it could only happen to me…

The moral of the story here is, don’t buy a bottle of wine from the supermarket…. buy a crate – that way you are 6 times more likely to actually get out of the store with it!)

Mountain Motivation: brought to you by Marc Jacobs

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I have just 2 more sleeps to go until i leave the UK for lands afar, and i have to admit, that i am getting very nervous about it all. An excited-nervousness i will admit, but butterflies in my stomach all the same…

I’m not the most adventurous person in the world, i like my home comforts and i am really worried about how i am going to cope for 10 days without any of them. I say all this, but i am not actually doing anything to prepare myself any better. For example, i havent charged my ipod or spare iphone charger, (the little comforts i can take with me!) and i dont have everything that i have been recommended to get on my kit list, my bag is not packed and i can’t pick up my money until after 2pm on Friday…oh yeah, and i have plans for tonight. Last minute prep the night before i go it is then! 🙂

One of the things i am really looking forward to though, is visiting one of the schools that the charity supports. Getting to see exactly where all the money i have raised goes and how it is impacting on the lives of those children will give me all the motivation i need to get to the summit…and boy am i going to need it!

I can be quite stubborn at times (for quite read very!) and i have way too much pride to quit before i reach the top – but just in case i do get close, i have promised myself, that if i make it to the top, I will treat myself to the Marc Jacobs handbag that I have wanted for AGES! (The one i should have bought in New York but decided to spend my money on my lovely family and their Christmas presents because i am so nice to you all! 🙂 )

So yeah, as time draws near, I think that this is probably the right time to thank every single person who has supported me throughout the run up to this adventure, to everyone who has helped fundraise and to every single penny that my family and friends have donated in sponsorship to the cause. It really is appreciated, by myself, the Charity and the children whose lives will benefit from the investment in their country.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to Marc Jacobs for producing such lovely bags, without whom, i would definitely be more productive in the office and at home, and spend a lot less time daydreaming about how beautiful one would look on my arm!

So, i guess all that’s left for me to say, is THANK YOU to you all, and i will see you in 2 weeks! 🙂

It’ll be alright on the night (and day – i hope!!!)

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So, it turns out that inbetween working full time, planning a hen night and a wedding, attending various parties (I am after all a social butterfly!) and trying to spend some quality time with my husband to be, there isnt much time to blog. This proved problematic considering my plan was to blog through the run up to the wedding. It is very clear to see that this plan was very short lived…

But now it is now official, I am married, and i have worn my manolos. ❤ they are beautiful but they hurt my feet. (for hurt read killed.)

I have to say though, the wedding day was awesome, and went way too quickly. 😦  I know that i am biased, as it was my wedding, but it was just perfect – partly due to the people invited, but also due to all my hard work before hand (i joke – well a little; it was definitely NOT steve’s as it took him forever to order the suits!!)

I have to say a massive thank you to my family and friends who all worked their ass’ off planning and making things for the day. It really was appreciated, and all came together perfectly.

So now thats all over, the only thing left for me to conquer is the mountain….

Well, isnt this going to be fun.

I like to pretend im prepared, but im not. I dont like camping and i hate public toilets, never mind being faced with no toilet. I like to shower in private and i love my tempur mattress. So i can see now, exactly how my 10 days up a mountain are going to go.

Putting all that to one side (it pains me to do so) i am mega excited. Not only do i get to see a beautiful landscape, and meet a whole now bunch of people; i get the opportunity to go to a school that has received funding from the charity i am climbing for and see exactly how the fundraising money is spent and how much it means to the staff and children at the school.

I think for me this is going to be an adventure of a lifetime and hopefully it will make me a better person because of it.

So, with 3 weeks to go, i am doing exactly what you would expect someone to do who is taking on the world’s largest free standing mountain – eating a pile of takeaway and unheatlhy food, and doing no exercise what so ever…